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Africa Horn
Gunmen Shoot Dead Ethiopian Opposition Figure, Bate Urgessa After Abduction From Hotel
Posted by: Fred || 04/12/2024 2024-04-12 00:16 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [18 views] Top|| File under:

#1  If he's dead, why shoot him?
Posted by: Fred || 04/12/2024 0:52 Comments || Top||

Somali Military Thwarts Al-Shabaab Attack on Bar Sanguni Base
[ShabelleMedia] In a successful operation early on Thursday, Somali land forces commander Colonel Dayah Abdi Abdulle announced that troops stationed at the Bar Sanguni military base, located north of Kismayo
...a port city in the southern Lower Juba province of Somalia, at the extreme southern end of the country (always assuming Somalia can be called a country). It is the commercial capital of the autonomous Jubaland region....
, had successfully foiled an attempted raid by the al-Shabaab
... an Islamic infestation centering on Somalia attempting to metastasize into Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and similar places, all ofwhich have enough problems without them...
holy warrior group.

According to Colonel Abdulle, the troops received a tip about the impending attack and were well-prepared to defend the base. As a result of the operation, the Death Eaters suffered casualties, with some being captured as prisoners.

The Bar Sanguni base is manned by a joint force consisting of both federal and Jubaland regional troops. This collaboration between the two forces showcases their dedication to maintaining stability and combating terrorism in the region.

This operation also emphasizes the importance of collaboration between regional and federal forces in maintaining security and stability in Somalia.

The joint efforts of the federal and Jubaland troops demonstrate the effectiveness of a unified approach in combating threats and ensuring the safety of the local population.
Posted by: trailing wife || 04/12/2024 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [17 views] Top|| File under: al-Shabaab (AQ)

Africa Subsaharan
One Policeman Killed As Gunmen Attack Police Checkpoint In Ebonyi
[SAHARAREPORTERS] A police checkpoint along the Abakaliki-Enugu Highway in Ebonyi State, southeast Nigeria was attacked by button men on Thursday.

The Ebonyi State Police Command confirmed to SaharaReporters on Thursday that a policeman was killed in the attack.

SaharaReporters gathered that the incident happened at the Ishieke Junction on the outskirts of Abakaliki, the state capital, where a police patrol van was also set on fire.

The spokesperson for the state police command, DSP Joshua Ukandu, who confirmed the attack to SaharaReporters said a policeman was fatally maimed.

He, however, added that nobody was kidnapped.

"Nobody was kidnapped, but unfortunately a policeman was fatally maimed. We are on the trail of the hoodlums," he said.

Posted by: Fred || 04/12/2024 2024-04-12 00:36 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [3 views] Top|| File under:

Terrorists Release Video Showing Their Eid-El-Fitr Celebration Openly In Large Gathering At Zamfara Community
[SAHARAREPORTERS] Some bandidos in large numbers observed this year's Eid-El-Fitr prayers and other festivities in the open in Zamfara State, Northwest Nigeria.

The terrorists, who seem to be unperturbed, gathered at the Eid ground in Munhaye town in Zamfara on Wednesday to perform the two raka'at prayers to mark the end of Ramadan fast.

In a viral video posted by a security analyst and counter-insurgency expert in the Lake Chad basin, Zagazola Makama on his X handle, the bandidos calmly celebrated Eid-El-Fitr without any visible apprehension. The bandidos could be seen with their guns.

They reportedly took hours to recite the Koran and also engaged in wild jubilation.

"Bandits in Zamfara state have released a new video showing its members celebrating the recent Eid-el-Fitr festival in Munhaye community in Zamfara state," Zagazola said.

Some Nigerians have taken to their X handles to express displeasure with the terrorists' gathering without being arrested or challenged by police personnel or soldiers.

For instance, Blessed (@BlessedOdoba) tweeted, "There’s no way the community or government securities will no know that they’re gathering."

Posted by: Fred || 04/12/2024 2024-04-12 00:32 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [5 views] Top|| File under: Boko Haram (ISIS)

Gang Leader In Rivers State On Wanted List Since 2017 Shot Dead By Nigerian Police
Posted by: Fred || 04/12/2024 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [17 views] Top|| File under: Banditti

American-British aggression forces carry out bombings in Hodeidah
The armed forces of the US-UK aggression carried out a series of Arclight airstrike
s on several areas in Yemen
...an area of the Arabian Peninsula sometimes mistaken for a country. It is populated by more antagonistic tribes and factions than you can keep track of...
’s western province of Hodeidah on Wednesday.A security source in the province said that the American-British aggression targeted the al-Jabana area west of the city of Hodeidah with four airstrikes.

Earlier in the day, the US-British aggression launched three air raids on Hodeidah International Airport.
Posted by: Fred || 04/12/2024 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [20 views] Top|| File under: Houthis

Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
FSB prevented a terrorist attack at a Jewish institution in Moscow
Direct Translation via Google Translate. Edited.
[Regnum] The Federal Security Service (FSB) stopped the activities of a native of one of the Central Asian countries who was planning a terrorist attack on a religious Jewish institution in Moscow, the intelligence service’s public relations center reported on April 11.

“The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation suppressed the criminal activities of a native of one of the countries of Central Asia, who planned to commit a terrorist attack in a religious Jewish institution in Moscow at a time of mass gathering of citizens,” the statement said.

According to the Russian intelligence service, a foreigner born in 2002, while serving a sentence in his homeland for committing an ordinary crime, proactively established contact with persons convicted of participating in terrorist activities, under whose influence he began to share the ideology of an international terrorist organization banned in Russia.

It is clarified that the native of Central Asia who was preparing a terrorist attack in a synagogue in Moscow was killed during his arrest.

As Regnum reported, on April 11, it became known that the FSB and the Ministry of Defense stopped the landing of sabotage groups of the Ukrainian Armed Forces special forces on the Tendra spit in the Kherson region, planned by the British special services. The Ukrainian Armed Forces landing force was destroyed, one Ukrainian citizen, a senior soldier of the 73rd Naval Center of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, was taken prisoner. According to the prisoner of war, British intelligence services provided the special forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with irrelevant information for the landing on the Tendrovskaya spit in the Kherson region.

On March 22, armed terrorists attacked the Crocus City Hall concert hall in the Moscow region, opened fire with machine guns and set the auditorium on fire. The terrorist attack killed 145 people, including six children. 551 people were injured. FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov said that the testimony of those detained in the Crocus terrorist attack case confirms the Ukrainian trace. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the investigation had discovered an irrefutable Ukrainian trace in a number of terrorist attacks that occurred in Russia.

More from regnum.ru
FSB: foreigner kept bomb at home for terrorist attack in Moscow synagogue
The Federal Security Service published a video from the apartment of a militant who was planning a terrorist attack in one of the synagogues in Moscow. The FSB announced the suppression of an attempt to commit a terrorist attack on April 11.

A native of one of the countries of Central Asia conducted reconnaissance at one of the capital's Jewish religious institutions. When detained on April 10, the attacker offered armed resistance. He was killed by return fire.

In the suspect's apartment, security forces found and seized an improvised explosive device. The perpetrator kept a homemade bomb under the mattress.

The FSB showed footage of a body lying on the floor. Also caught in the video were bullet holes in the window glass and components for making an improvised explosive device.

As reported by IA Regnum, according to the FSB, a native of Central Asia born in 2002, while serving a sentence in his homeland for committing a crime of an ordinary nature, proactively established contact with persons convicted of participating in terrorist activities, under whose influence he began to share the ideology of the international prohibited in Russia terrorist organization.

Also on April 11, it became known that the FSB prevented a terrorist attack at a Russian Armed Forces facility in Donetsk. The group included six citizens of one of the Central Asian states. The activities of the criminals were coordinated from the territory of Ukraine.

Related from regnum.ru
Investigative Committee discovered a cache of weapons belonging to the attacker on the police
Investigators discovered a cache of weapons belonging to an attacker on police officers in the Moscow region, the Investigative Committee reported on April 11.

Investigative Committee found a cache of weapons belonging to an attacker on police officers in the Moscow region
Everything seized from the cache was sent for examination, said the press service of the main investigative department of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region.

“Investigators and criminologists of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Moscow Region, in collaboration with operational officers, discovered the accused’s cache, which contained a cache of weapons. As a result, an assault rifle, a pistol, a large number of bullets, cartridges and cartridges, and containers with a substance that was similar in appearance to a narcotic substance were seized,” the department said in a statement on its Telegram channel.

Telegram channel “112”, citing an informed source, in turn reported that during a search in the suspect’s garage, they found not only weapons, but also substances for making homemade explosive devices. According to these data, after committing the crime, the suspect planned to escape to Finland.

As Regnum reported, on April 7, on a country road in the area of ​​Fryanovo near Moscow, a passer-by discovered two wounded police officers in an unconscious state, one of whom later died. After the murder of a policeman in the Moscow region, the “Siren” plan and the “Interception” plan were introduced.

According to the investigation, the police were supposed to detain a drug dealer, but the attacker opened fire on them. 41-year-old senior police warrant officer Sergei Efimenko died from his injuries, his colleague was taken to the hospital. The shooter fled on a black motorcycle.

A criminal case was opened regarding an attack on the life of law enforcement officers (Article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the arrest of the suspect on April 11. He said that his name was Vasily Buryakov, said that after the attack on the police he was hiding in the forest, and said that he “probably” would admit guilt.

Posted by: badanov || 04/12/2024 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [28 views] Top|| File under:

Gunmen open fire on Russian security forces engaging in counter-terrorism operation
Russia launched a "counter-terrorist operation" in parts of the city of Nalchik and in the Cherek district of its southern Kabardino-Balkaria region on Thursday, the RIA news agency cited local authorities as saying.

RIA also cited Russia's National Anti-terrorist Committee as saying a group of gunmen had opened fire on security forces who had surrounded them outside Nalchik.

Soviet Union invented PLO. RF supports Iran. How do you like them apples?

More from regnum.ru

Terrorists escaping from pursuit caused a fatal accident in Ingushetia

Magas, April 11, 2024, 21:15 - IA Regnum. A fatal accident on a highway in Ingushetia was caused by terrorists escaping from a pursuit, Telegram channel “112” reported on April 11.

The publication notes that the police were chasing a Lada car with two members of the Batalkhadzhin terrorist organization. During the chase, the attackers lost control of the vehicle and a head-on collision occurred with an oncoming car.

As a result of the accident, one of the terrorists died, the second was taken to intensive care. Two people in the other car involved in the accident—servants of a local mosque—were killed.

It is noted that the militants were wanted for illegal weapons trafficking and violence against government officials.

As Regnum reported, early in the morning of April 11, in part of the territory of Nalchik and Chereksky district in Kabardino-Balkaria,counter-terrorist operation regime. He operated within 14 gardening partnerships. The special forces blocked and, after refusing to surrender, killed two militants who were planning terrorist attacks and sabotage.

After the operation, a criminal case was opened against the militants for encroachment on the lives of law enforcement officers. Several firearms, ammunition and grenades were seized from the scene, the Investigative Committee said.

Posted by: Grom the Reflective || 04/12/2024 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [25 views] Top|| File under:

IDF launches ‘targeted operation’ in central Gaza’s Nuseirat after heavy bombardment
[IsraelTimes] Military: Strikes on dozens of targets based on intelligence of ’terror infrastructure’ in area largely passed over by soldiers until now; troops also find several rocket launchers

The IDF said Thursday it launched a "targeted operation" against Hamas
...a contraction of the Arabic words for "frothing at the mouth",...
in the central Gazoo
...Hellhole adjunct to Israel and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, inhabited by Gazooks. The place was acquired in the wake of the 1967 War and then presented to Paleostinian control in 2006 by Ariel Sharon, who had entered his dotage. It is currently ruled with an iron fist by Hamas with about the living conditions you'd expect. It periodically attacks the Hated Zionist Entity whenever Iran needs a ruckus created or the hard boyz get bored, getting thumped by the IDF in return. The ruling turbans then wave the bloody shirt and holler loudly about oppression and disproportionate response...
Strip overnight, pushing into an area on the outskirts of the Nuseirat refugee camp largely left untouched by troops until now.

Heavy Arclight airstrike
s and artillery shelling pounded parts of the camp before troops moved into the area, which sits adjacent to the lone corridor where Israeli soldiers remain in Gaza.

Paleostinians said a strike on a residential building killed at least five people, and other apartment towers were also struck.

The Israel Defense Forces said the air force and artillery troops carried out strikes against dozens of Hamas targets, including tunnel infrastructure. The navy also carried out artillery strikes near the coast to support ground troops, the IDF said.

The operation followed intelligence indicating "the presence of terror infrastructure and many bandidos gunnies in the area," the army said.

Soldiers engaged with armed fighters during the night, including a gunman who emerged from a tunnel and was hit with an airstrike, according to the IDF. Troops also located several rocket launchers in the area.

Hamas-linked media reported heavy fighting in the area was continuing Thursday.

There were also reports of airstrikes in other parts of the Strip, particularly the south, with the Paleostinian Maan News Agency reporting that 122 people were killed in Gaza over the previous 24 hours.

Israel has not previously operated on the ground in Nuseirat, though last month Hamas’s third-in-command, Marwan Issa, was killed in an airstrike in the area.

The operation occurred as Israel has appeared to dial back the use of ground troops and shift from a wide-scale offensive to pinpoint operations. This was in line with US demands for changes to the way fighting is taking place amid international concern over the deaths of civilians in the Strip and claims of near-famine conditions.

Just one brigade — comprising several thousand troops — remains in the Strip, where it is holding an east-west corridor that essentially splits the enclave into two.

At the height of the IDF’s offensive against Hamas, it had multiple divisions — with roughly 30,000-40,000 troops — in the Strip.

Israeli officials have said that 18 of Hamas’s 24 original battalions in the Gaza Strip have been dismantled, meaning they do not function as an organized military unit, although smaller cells still exist.

Posted by: trailing wife || 04/12/2024 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [17 views] Top|| File under: Hamas

Israel hits Hezbollah targets in Syria
[An Nahar] The Israeli army said early Wednesday it had carried out bombardments on positions of Leb
...an Iranian satrapy currently ruled by Hassan Nasrallah situated on the eastern Mediterranean, conveniently adjacent to Israel. Formerly inhabited by hardy Phoenecian traders, its official language is now Arabic, with the usual unpleasant side effects. The Leb civil war, between 1975 and 1990, lasted a little over 145 years and produced 120,000 fatalities. The average length of a ceasefire was measured in seconds. The Lebs maintain a precarious sectarian balance among Shiites, Sunnis, and about a dozen flavors of Christians, plus Armenians, Georgians, and who knows what else? It is the home of the original Hezbollah, which periodically starts a war with the Zionist Entity, gets Beirut pounded to rubble, and then declares victory and has a parade. The Lebs have the curious habit of periodically murdering their heads of state or prime ministers...
's Hezbollah in Syria in a bid to thwart its "entrenchment" in the country.

While fighting Hamas
...a contraction of the Arabic words for "frothing at the mouth",...
bandidos bandidos murderous Moslems in Gazoo
...Hellhole adjunct to Israel and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, inhabited by Gazooks. The place was acquired in the wake of the 1967 War and then presented to Paleostinian control in 2006 by Ariel Sharon, who had entered his dotage. It is currently ruled with an iron fist by Hamas with about the living conditions you'd expect. It periodically attacks the Hated Zionist Entity whenever Iran needs a ruckus created or the hard boyz get bored, getting thumped by the IDF in return. The ruling turbans then wave the bloody shirt and holler loudly about oppression and disproportionate response...
, Israel has repeatedly said it was also ready to confront Hezbollah and has stepped up strikes, including in Syria, in recent weeks.

An Israeli army statement said the army had "struck military infrastructure that based on precise intelligence was used by the Hezbollah terrorist organization on the Syrian front."

The military released a video of a strike against a building.

Israel has been waging one major campaign against Hamas in Gaza since the October 7 attacks by the group last year and international concern has been expressed about the possible spread of the conflict.

The Israeli army said it "holds the Syrian regime accountable for all activities which take place within its territory and will not allow for any attempted actions which could lead to the entrenchment of Hezbollah on the Syrian front."

"In parallel, in the past hours, the IDF (Israeli army) struck a number of Hezbollah observation posts and terrorist infrastructure in southern Lebanon," the statement added.

"Throughout the day, IDF artillery struck to remove threats in the areas of Dhayra and Tayr Harfa in southern Lebanon," the statement said.

On Tuesday, Israel said its warplanes had hit a Syrian military position in response to rocket fire from southern Syria on the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group based in Britannia, said Israeli jets staged raids in Syria on Tuesday and late Monday.

One destroyed a weapons and ammunition depot in the Daraa region of southern Syria while on Monday the raid hit a military site in the south used by groups backed by Iran
...a theocratic Shiite state divided among the Medes, the Persians, and the (Arab) Elamites. Formerly a fairly civilized nation ruled by a Shah, it became a victim of Islamic revolution in 1979. The nation is today noted for spontaneously taking over other countries' embassies, maintaining whorehouses run by clergymen, involvement in international drug trafficking, and financing sock puppet militias to extend the regime's influence. The word Iran is a cognate form of Aryan. The abbreviation IRGC is the same idea as Stürmabteilung (or SA). The term Supreme Guide is a the modern version form of either Duce or Führer or maybe both. They hate Jews Zionists Jews. Their economy is based on the production of oil and vitriol...
and Hezbollah to fire rockets onto the Golan Heights, the observatory said.

The Israeli army has staged hundreds of strikes inside Syria since the country's civil war started in 2011, notably hitting pro-Iranian targets.

On April 1, an Israeli strike on an Iranian embassy consular building in Damascus killed 16 people including seven members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, according to the observatory. Israel has not commented on the attack.
The Times of Israel adds:
The IDF says it struck three buildings used by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon’s Mays al-Jabal, Yarine and Khiam a short while ago.

Another Hezbollah observation post was struck in Marwahin, the IDF says.

Troops also shelled areas near Abou Chach with artillery to “remove threats,” the IDF adds.

Posted by: Fred || 04/12/2024 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [18 views] Top|| File under: Hezbollah

SSNP ambulance torched in Bayssour after Jdita incident
[An Nahar] A parked ambulance belonging to the Syrian Social Nationalist Party has been torched in the Aley district town of Bayssour, a day after gunmen fired shots at the party’s office in Bekaa’s Jdita, where they also hung a Lebanese Forces flag.

The Progressive Socialist Party and other parties condemned the Bayssour incident and warned of attempts to stir strife in the country amid the tensions that followed the murder of LF official Pascal Sleiman in the Jbeil district.

The SSNP pointed the finger at the Lebanese Forces in the Jdita attack, but the LF denied its involvement in the incident and condemned it.

“Confronting the sedition that is moving from one Lebanese region to another has become the duty of us all. Our approach in political action does not involve the use of arms and we’re among the fiercest opponents of the approach of weapons,” the LF said in a statement.

Posted by: Fred || 04/12/2024 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [19 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Syria

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  EU’s Red Sea mission has repelled 11 attacks on ships, Borrell says
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  Security forces kill two terrorists in South Waziristan IBO
Tue 2024-04-09
  Sudanese army advances in Al-Jazirah, RSF vows response
Mon 2024-04-08
  'Death to America,' 'Death to Israel' chants pour out of Muslim protesters in Michigan on last day of Ramadan
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  IDF says it blew up Hamas tunnel that stretched hundreds of meters into Israel
Sat 2024-04-06
  Shock of Europe. Construction sites in Mariupol use products from German companies
Fri 2024-04-05
  Biden to Netanyahu: 'If no change in Israeli policy there will be a change in ours'
Thu 2024-04-04
  DHS Chief Mayorkas Pressed to Answer How Terrorists Were Reportedly Freed into U.S.
Wed 2024-04-03
  Afghanistan condemns Israeli attack on Persian embassy
Tue 2024-04-02
  Police arrest sister of Hamas leader Haniyeh in southern Israel raid
Mon 2024-04-01
  Gallant: Captured Hamas operatives tell us Hamas is collapsing from within
Sun 2024-03-31
  Over 80 Al-Shabab militants killed in Somalia
Sat 2024-03-30
  Sudanese warplanes target RSF convoy in N. Kordofan
Fri 2024-03-29
  Troops raiding Gaza’s Shifa hospital kill senior Hamas commander

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